Doublestar Media


Part List for 3 meter 10 point Doublestar kite

  1. 11-12 meter, 150 cm wide ripstop nylon(Color 1: 275cm, Color 2: 380cm, Color 3: 300cm, Color 4: 200cm)
  2. 11 x 150cm(60inch) 10 mm Carbon Tube
  3. A Ten Point Center Connector (HUB/Tinker Toy, mine is wooden. I used 3 mm wood. Has a dia of 13.5cm and height of 1.8cm)
  4. Dacron reinforcement.
  5. 2x10mm nocks.
  6. 10 endcaps.

Panels for 3 meter 10 point Doublestar kite

Here is the Panels dimensions in several formats. The original dimensions are in Centimeters. I also convert them into inch. But I recommend you to use metric. If you have any CAD Office in your area, it is good to print them.

 JPEG Centimeter Inch
 AutoCAD 2000 DWG One unit is one Centimeter One unit is one Inch
 PDF (A1 Paper Size/cm) PANEL A / PANEL B / PANEL C / PANEL D

I show every panels in diferent COLORS. Panel A is Blue, Panel B is Red, Panel C is Green and Panel D is Purple. You need 20 x Panel A , 40 x Panel B, 40 x Panel C, and 40 x Panel D. This PICTURE shows how I cut the panels to minimize Fabric use.

Sewing panels (One half)

We will sew front and back of the kite.Front and are back of the kite are same.
You need 10xPanel A, 20xPanel B, 20xPanel C and 20xPanel D for each side.

You must sew reinforcement two of the Panel A for each side of the kite. When sewing center these panel will be other side of each other.
Sew the edges of the panels. Double fold the EDGES and sew.
Sew the Panel A’s(Center of the Panels) to each other shown in PICTURE.
Sewing Panel A -> Panel B.
Sewing Panel B -> Panel C.
Sewing Panel C -> Panel D.
Sewing Panel D -> Panel D.

Sewing pockets and center line

Now sew pockets for spars and connect to front and back side. Sorry about the sewing quality :(I used 5x10cm dacron. Because I forget the end caps of the spars, spars pierce some of the pockets so I sew a second layer of dacron.
For Center sew a line. Each end of the line will sew the darcon reinforcements on PANEL As. Do for back and front side. When I making my kite I made a mistake on the center. I sew wrong. So your center will be different.


The kite has a sipmle 3 point BRIDLE.


The Center spar will be 150 cm and attach a nock eack side of the kite. The other spars will be shorter then 150 cm. Because you will use a Center HUB/Tinker toy the size of the spars will be different then my spars. You must calculate it or you must try the correct length.

8 Point 2 meter Doublestar kite

Here is an PDF file of the 8 Point Doublestar Panels.
Sorry I put only in centimeters. But the PDF Document is in A0 Papersize. If you able to print in A0 size then you will have the original size panels.
For a strong kite I recommend to use 8 mm carbon tube. But my friend have one with 6 mm spar. It can flight in very low winds. But I don’t know the upper wind limit.

This is my first detailed kite plan. Please tell me any information which is missing above. Also, you can find lots of information about the kite in Kitebuilder Forum.